50 anniversary of the Argentinean cooperative movement

The Confederation of Cooperatives of Argentina (Cooperar) has turned 50. To commemorate the anniversary, it was organized an event in the presence of senators, deputies and representatives from the Argentinean cooperative sector. “We are challenged to ensure increased participation of cooperatives in GDP, we want the next decade to incorporate all the urban cooperative movement”, said the president of Cooperar, Ariel Guarco.

17 December 2012

Pablo Orsolini, MP and chairman of the Committee of Cooperatives also declared: “We will remain committed to the contribution to cooperatives in the Parliament (...) the cooperative is a great alternative to the crisis”.

On December the 5th, 1962, seven cooperative federations created Cooperar. Today it represents nearly 6 times the number of organizations that created it, a total of 45 associations, including the Federation of Worker Cooperatives, FECOOTRA, a member of CICOPA. Cooperar groups the different cooperative sectors of the Argentinean territory.

CICOPA congratulates the cooperative movement of Argentina for its 50th anniversary and expresses thanks for the fruitful collaboration during the International Year of Cooperatives.

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