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Today more than 1000 cooperatives in 91 countries have successfully applied to use the global Cooperative Marque showing their pride in being part of a global movement that is a force for good. The International Cooperative Alliance launched the global Cooperative Marque at its Assembly in Cape Town in 2013. The intention was to develop a new visual identity that all cooperatives in all sectors could use alongside their own corporate identity, a logo which would replace the ‘rainbow flag’ which had been the symbol of the movement for almost 100 years. In 2014, CICOPA launched its new logo, following member consultation.

4 February 2015

There are over 8000 .coop domains registered globally. More than half of these are registered to cooperatives in the Americas Region (49% in North America and 7% in Central and South America), 37% in Europe, 6% in the Asia and Pacific Region and 1% in Africa. “Unfortunately some cooperatives register their domain and forget to use it, so in 2015 there will be a campaign to encourage cooperatives to use their domain as a key part of their marketing strategy once they have registered it. Domains that are used raise a cooperative profile so that people are more aware of what they are choosing when faced with the option between a cooperative or an investor or privately owned business”, Nicola Huckerby, Marketing Lead at underlines.

During the first year we’ve heard from cooperatives using the Marque on their websites, emails, publications, products, social media, signage and events. Many have said that the new ‘logo’ for cooperatives helps to differentiate them from other forms of business. Among them, is the worker cooperative Calverts. Readers may recall that after a global search, Calverts was selected to create the new visual identity for the Cooperative sector. One year on from the launch Sion Whellens, Client Services Director, shared his thoughts on .coop and the Cooperative Marque.
“, and are Calverts’ three web and email domain names. They differentiate us strongly in the market for communication design and production services, and provide an opening for business-to-business conversations about our cooperative and ethical approach. Value for money? By some distance, the best bang-for-bucks in terms of marketing investment” said Sion.

“We use the ’coop’ marque on Calverts’ website landing page, stationery and email footers. As designers, we also look for opportunities to apply it creatively in our cooperative sector clients’ communications - print, web, packaging, signage, exhibitions and merchandise. We’re proud to be ’early adopters’ of the Marque. It’s another way of asserting cooperative difference, and emphasising our alignment with clients and partners like the Phone Co-op (in the UK).”

“Our collective aim is for the cooperative identity to become one of the best known ethical marques in the world by 2020 with users in 100 countries. Free to use the application process is designed so that all cooperatives can apply for the Marque, and in doing so are offered the opportunity to get a .coop domain, two free email addresses and free email forwarding so that their online brand is visible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year”, Huckerby insists. The domain is free for the first year for new applicants and can only be used by cooperatives!

Help promote the cooperative difference and apply today at

Caption: Sion Whellens, Client Services Director at Calverts

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