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Ariel Guarco, President of the Cooperative Confederation of Argentina (Cooperar) and youth representative Gabriela Buffa, leader of Movilizador de Fondos Cooperativos (IMFC, Mobilizing Institute of Cooperative Funds in English), were elected on the Board of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) in Cape Town, last November. Mr Guarco, of Cooperar, ran for election on behalf of national and regional proposals for further integration, visibility and deepening democracy in partnership with other actors and with other countries.

30 November 2013

By Maria Laura Coria, Argentina Federation of Worker Cooperatives (FECOOTRA)

"I am enormously grateful to all cooperators of my country and our region building this proposed transformation model day by day and through a democratic, participatory and inclusive model," said Guarco the end of the vote.

Gabriela Buffa, was elected president of the youth worldwide, "it is a huge challenge that we as young people have within the cooperative movement nationally and globally, we are the future of this movement", she declared.

Ariel Guarco was accompanied by representatives from the Argentinian cooperative movement and principally the National Confederation of Worker Cooperatives for supporting my proposal to the International Cooperative Alliance. This is something which we are building together in our country, workers, consumers, users of public services, and those who adopt the cooperative as a way of life, to offer it as a tool to build a more democratic society, which is more caring and more inclusive."

In Argentina, we are very proud to have two partners in the most important organization of the world cooperative movement. After more than 130 years of history of Argentinian cooperatives, today we are not only working together on national but also global integration.

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