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The program ‘Argentina Trabaja’ (’Argentina works’) is aimed at rescuing more than 150,000 workers’ jobs through the involvement of the concerned employees in worker cooperatives. It is managed jointly by the national government, worker cooperatives, the Federation of Worker Cooperatives, FECOOTRA, and the National Confederation of Worker Cooperatives of Argentina (CNCT). In its first phase, the constitution of cooperatives enabled the federation to safeguard 2,000 jobs.

22 June 2011

By Fabián Silveira, FECOOTRA

The work, more precisely repairs of municipal buildings and rehabilitation of public areas, is carried out in social clubs, community integration centres, mobile services, etc. The workers can decide what in their community they will transform.

With a model of integral development in mind, the Labour Ministry, the Social Development Ministry and FECOOTRA have proposed a consistent capacity-building program of school literacy training, secondary schools, capacity-building in cooperatives and vocational training.

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