Argentinian cooperatives visit Mondragón

In September, a delegation of 30 Argentinian cooperative members and representatives took part in a training and exchange conference at the Universidad de la Corporación Cooperativa Mondragón (Mondragón Corporation Cooperative University, in English). Cristian Horton, President of Fecootra, the Federación argentina de cooperativas de trabajo (Argentinian Worker Cooperative Federation, in English) said; "We’d already attended some courses given by Mondragón teachers, but it's been so valuable learning more about the group's 110 cooperatives and 84,000 employees, as well as its development in the industrial, technological and knowledge sectors. The experience has been a great success".

9 October 2014

The University’s exchange program and classes taught the delegation more about the model, giving them a deeper understanding of how it could be replicated by Argentina’s 10,000 plus workers cooperatives. Those attending had the opportunity to visit several sites, including Mondragón group’s headquarters, the SAIOLAN Centre (an incubator program for businesses and projects), and ULMA (a diversified industrial group of worker cooperatives). "We took part in workshops, discussing both technical and practical considerations. We could see how they deal with other cooperatives when problems arise, and how we can reorganise work structures in a way that is fairer for the workers - something we need to learn how to do in our country" said Horton.

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