Big step forward for Worker Cooperatives worldwide

At the ICA General Assembly of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and related events in Cartagena (Colombia) between 18 and 23 September (including the various CICOPA meetings), very important events took place for the worker cooperative sector.

27 September 2005

- The World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives, defining the basic characters and modes of functioning of worker cooperatives, was unanimously approved by the ICA General Assembly, attended by more than 1200 delegates from 87 countries (the largest assembly in the ICA’s history). It is the first time in decades that an agenda point concerning worker cooperatives was discussed at the ICA General Assembly.

- Javier Salaberria, from the Mondragon group, was elected as the new president of CICOPA.

- In the newly elected Board of the ICA, two members (10%) come from the worker cooperative sector. It is the first time in decades that worker cooperatives have representatives on the ICA Board.

- The VIth CICOPA World Conference, attended by 145 delegates from 17 countries, was generally hailed as a success by participants.

- At the debate with Colombian head of state Alvaro Uribe following the ICA General Assembly, worker cooperatives were one of the main items discussed.

Clemente Jaimes, CICOPA Executive Committe member
presents the World Declaration to the ICA General Assembly

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