Brazil: National Conference on Solidarity Economy

From 26 to 29 June, a conference was held on solidarity economy which gathered about 1300 people, representatives of institutions from the whole country. Cootrabalho was represented by Fetrabalho-SP / Silvana Bonfim, its social relations director, invited by the Labour and Employment Ministry.

18 July 2006

The event promoted the debate between the governments and the different sectors of the civil society in order to set propositions on solidarity economy in Brasil, as well as to contribute to the political training of the participants, since there has been an in-depth analysis of the debate on the main national and local questions of solidarity economy.

The state Secretary for solidarity economy of the Labour and Employment Ministry, Mr Paul Singer was present and during the conference, he declared that the government was innovating in the creation of a specific organ on this issue, and it was participating to it in a positive way. He precised that the action of the government encouraged the increase of this activity. Not only SENAES, but also many Ministries as they support solidarity economy enterprises.

The president Inácio Lula Da Silva participated to the opening ceremony and considered the Conference on solidarity economy as “a kind of magic moment” which tells us that we will be able to go forward. And when I say that we will make it, I do not only refer to Lula’s achievements because I believe in much more sacred things than in the image of a person, but in a model of relations that the Brazilian state has to create with the society in order that it does not depend on the decision of a single man, but on the decisions of the own collective forums and those who participate to them.

The president added that the creation of cooperatives is a political process which requires the government support in order to strengthen it, and its government has always believed and encouraged the cooperative movement more than any government ever.

Pictures of President Lula at the conference

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