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Workers buyouts from all around the globe to meet at the VI International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” in Argentina

The VI International Gathering of “The Workers’ Economy” will take place in Argentina between August 30th and September 2nd, 2017. Organisers are inviting all workers from recuperated and self-managed enterprises, cooperatives and social and popular economy organizations, as well as trade unions and academics interested in and committed to self-management practices and the project of a new workers' (...)

27 years answering to economic development needs within the aboriginal community

Neechi, an aboriginal worker cooperative located in Winnipeg, Canada, launched 27 years ago as a food store in an economically depressed and predominantly aboriginal area in Winnipeg. Since then it has demonstrated persistence, and commitment as it developed the cooperative which was in response to an economic development need within the aboriginal community. The cooperative has since expanded to a new location called “Neechi Commons” which now includes the restaurant BisonBerry and the (...)

Colombian cooperatives rally the international cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster

The Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia – Confecoop (the Colombian Federation of Cooperatives, in English) asks the cooperative movement to show support for those affected by the Mocoa disaster. A relief fund, which will go towards helping cooperatives resident in Mocoa, will give support to the cooperatives, helping them return to normality, and will guarantee help reaches thousands of members and their (...)

Global survey on youth cooperative entrepreneurship: answer before 26 May!

As part of the campaign WE OWN IT! The future of work is ours, CICOPA is launching today an online survey. The information collected will feed into a global study on trends among young people in establishing and being part of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives, producers’/freelancers’ cooperatives as well as new emerging forms. The purpose of the study is to inform and raise awareness about the state of the art of youth cooperative entrepreneurship at the worldwide (...)

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