CICOPA World Music Project: a legacy of IYC 2012, now moving into the Cooperative Decade

Music selections for the CICOPA musical project for the promotion of the international cooperative principles, through the common language of music have been submitted. Currently the CICOPA World Music Collection is made up of 4 songs, as follows.

16 December 2013

By Hazel Corcoran, Executive Director, Canadian Worker Cooperative Federation (CWCF)

1) "Together" by the KONFEKOOP, the Basque federation of Cooperatives, Spain, 4:54 minutes.

2) "The Big Idea Song", by Greg O’Neill, Canada, 4:00 minutes. You can also see a 90 second video version, here:

3) "Join a Co-op" by Emily Erhardt, Canada 2:29

4) "Ça nous appartient" (or "It Belongs to Us"), by Michelle Deveau, Canada, 3:35 (in French). Lyrics in French and English here:

The last two songs were composed and performed by young people. The Committee would like to continue this project in coming years, to invite in more music over the course of the Co-operative Decade. Please send submissions to Hazel Corcoran, . We encourage submissions from all countries and regions. This article, and all songs in the collection are now stored on one CWCF web page:

One of the songwriters, Greg O’Neill, has written the following about the power of art and music in social movements - including the co-operative movement, in a paper called “Integrating Art and Social Change”. (A longer excerpt is available on the web site link, note above). “We need to say loudly and clearly what we are for, including through music and art. The most successful movements are those that are very clear about their purpose. It is easy to be against something. Anybody can be a critic. We want to be creators. There is such a diversity of groups, some social, some political, some based in Community Economic Development work, some cultural, some in the labour union movement, some religious and those in the cooperative sector already committed to building a movement. Let’s celebrate the joy, hope and spirit that is the basis of our Cooperative principles. Let’s let it loose. Let our Cooperative Movement be an explosion of creativity that is irresistible”.

The CICOPA World Music Project resolution was passed in November 2011 in Mexico. For the background, see: and

Additional analysis on the potential for music and art in social movements, and all songs received for this project in the collection are now stored on one CWCF web page:

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