CICOPA participates at the 1st Asia-Pacific Cooperative Registrars' Conference in Malaysia

“I’m the Secretary of the Limousine service drivers’ cooperative“. These were the first words CICOPA heard in Malaysia once arriving for the 1st Asia-Pacific Cooperative Registrars’ Conference. This Limousine cooperative made a service contract with the Conference hosts, Malaysian Cooperative Societies Commission and ANKASA (National federation of cooperative movement) for bringing participants from the airport to the conference venue in Kuala Lumpur.

31 January 2014

More than 200 participants from 17 Asian countries took part at the 1st Asia-Pacific Cooperative Registrars’ Conference in December 2013. The contributors include Cooperative Registars, Government representatives, cooperative leaders and experts from various Asian countries. During the conference, which focused on legal, policy and regulatory issues impacting on the governance of primary cooperatives, government representatives and cooperatives, leaders presented their own national legal and policy environments.

Hyungsik Eum, Data analyst of CICOPA, presented models and legal aspects of worker and social cooperatives, based on its own ‘World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives’, ‘World Standards of Social Cooperatives’ and concrete examples from CICOPA members.

As stated during presentations, there are already large numbers of worker cooperatives and artisans’ cooperatives, and increasing interest in social cooperatives in many Asian countries, it is true that these types of cooperatives have not been sufficiently recognized as such, not only in the legal system but also in the cooperative movement itself. In this sense, it could be said that this opportunity of understanding and exchange between the Asian cooperative movement and CICOPA was timely and provided a good step forward for the “co-construction” of the worker, social and artisans’ cooperative movement in Asia-Pacific region.

The complete Conference Report along with the Resolution is available here

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