CICOPA sends recommendations to public authorities to improve the presence of worker and social cooperatives throughout the world

CICOPA, the world body representing worker and social cooperatives, has recently sent policy recommendations to public authorities and international key actors in order to increase the presence of worker cooperatives in the world and to develop cooperatives as economic organisations aimed at satisfying citizens’ needs and creating and distributing long-lasting wealth for all.

18 January 2013

Those recommendations are focused on the creation of an adequate legal framework for worker and social cooperatives through the protection by law of the accompanying mechanisms, the promotion and adoption of measures in favour of the business transfer to employees under the cooperative form and the adoption of legal frameworks for the creation of cooperative horizontal groups. They are based on over one hundred and fifty years of concrete practice in dozens of countries on all continents, in the most varied economic activities.

The recommendations have been formulated in the framework of the UN-proclaimed International Year of Cooperatives (IYC). They constitute CICOPA’s main concluding message for the IYC, which has just been completed and CICOPA will strive to have them implemented throughout the subsequent Cooperative Decade, which the cooperative movement has now embarked upon.

You can read the recommendations here:

International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and
Service Producers' Cooperatives

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