CICOPA supports Colombian cooperatives' call for peace

Cooperatives in industry and services give their support to Confecoop, their partner in Colombia, in their plea to all Colombians for peace, which can be read in full below: “As cooperatives, we are builders of peace. Cooperativism, which started in Colombia 85 years ago, has brought with it major inroads towards the building of a harmonious society, development, and democracy, in all the communities it has touched.

7 October 2016

Six million Colombians are members of cooperatives. We ask that we all, as citizens - regardless of our differences - keep our commitment to a peaceful society. The most important thing is that we work together as a nation towards this goal.
We must be proactive and constructive to make a more peaceful nation. We must be inclusive and tolerant, leaving our individual, party, and political issues aside.
And as part of civil society we must insist the definitive bilateral ceasefire continues, especially in rural areas, as a fundamental means to a peaceful society. And the decision must be made involving civil society as a whole, from all social sectors, not just political.
As the standstill continues and a new post-conflict era is ushered in, we continue to drive forward our Programa Cooperativas por Colombia 2016-2020 (Cooperative Programmes for Colombia 2016-2020): Our support for peace, which aims to strengthen the role cooperatives across the country can play as agents of fair and equal human and social development. As cooperatives in Colombia we will continue our tireless pursuit of a peaceful and inclusive society.

The Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia (Colombian Cooperatives Federation, in English), Confecoop, calls to all cooperative members, to their families and those around them, to continue playing their part in this historic moment for the country.To continue to think and act in harmony with the principles and values that inspire us as cooperative members: the recognition of human dignity, honesty, transparency, and coming up with – and insisting on – long-term solutions to the major issues facing the country.

We also continue our work to join forces with the international cooperative movement and drive forward a cooperative, territorial approach to rural development, and to strengthen the cooperative processes that create value, work, and collective prosperity. We invite the international community as a whole to continue accompanying Colombian society on its quest to find peaceful solutions.”

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