Celulosas y Papel, S. Coop. And., Spain

16 May 2013

A successful example of a failed enterprise transformed into a cooperative is the cooperative “Celulosas y Pepel”, located Mollina, a rural town of Andalusia with 5000 inhabitants, in the South of Spain. The cooperative was created in February 2010 after the bankruptcy of CEDEMOLL, active in the production of cellulose and paper for more than 25 years. In particular, four former workers of CEDEMOLL created the “Celulosas y Papel”, which now has doubled the number of workers since its transformation into a worker cooperative. Nowadays, the cooperative has 9 permanent employees and the turnover has doubled in two years (2010-2012) from 730,000€ to 1.999.000€. The support of “CADE Estrategias”, the Andalusian center for enterprise development promoted by the Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Andalusia (FAECTA) and the Andalusian government, together with the efforts of the worker-members that contributed their unemployment benefits, has been crucial for the successful transformation of this enterprise into a cooperative.


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