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15 October 2014

CoSte, the first cooperative travel agency in Québec, started with discussions by local people in 2006 and after three years of studies, market research and various tours of the territory launched in 2009. Its main objective is to deliver quality tour packages, for the satisfaction of the clients while promoting the region and contributing to the economic development of the region. CoSte is a cooperative for a sustainable tourism environment representing more than 70 local organizations and businesses. The cooperative organizes and markets tourism of Minganie, Anticosti and the Lower North Shore (Québec), while promoting the people and the natural setting, by giving the travelers animated, dynamic, authentic, and memorable experiences while maximizing the positive benefits for the communities.

The agency wishes to transmit its values of respect as much to the clients as to the employees, the members, the communities and the environment; authenticity in the products and the experiences proposed in concordance with the past and the reality of today for the territory and its inhabitants; and of sharing its knowledge and its wealth. There are three different types of members to the CoSte Cooperative: consumer member, working member or resource/support member. Currently CoSte has nine board members and three full time employees and three seasonal workers.

CoSTe received a regional tourism award in 2012 and the bronze prize at the Tourism National contest also in 2012. In 2013 the cooperative won the rural award in the MRC of Minganie. Still in 2013, CoSte won the regional award as being the cooperative of the North Shore!

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