Cooperative Facility for Africa: Generous help for Cooperatives in Tanzania to cooperate out of poverty

The Cooperative movement in Tanzania, under the umbrella organization of the Tanzania Federation of Cooperatives, is now benefiting from the Challenge Fund (CF) provided under the Cooperative Facility for Africa (CoopAFRICA) program.

20 July 2009

By TFC, the Tanzanian Federation of Cooperatives

With nine member countries, the CoopAFRICA Project has enhanced members of the Tanzania Federations of Cooperatives Ltd to become modern cooperative societies.

The project has already benefited many cooperative societies, enterprises, and companies in the country. The Dunduliza Network, being among the Challenge Fund beneficiary cooperatives in the country, has managed to use the fund to raise the company’s liquidity to about TSh. 2.5 billion with 38 small society members. The project has enabled the organization to implement an Interconnection System in the Dunduliza SACCOS Network, making it the model society among cooperatives in the country.

CoopAFRICA is aimed at helping people cooperate in their efforts on reducing poverty as well as mitigating different developmental challenges such as unemployment, social security, and lack of facilities. Working along the eastern and southern regions of the Saharan desert under the Co-operative Development Program, CoopAFRICA collaborated with the Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives Ltd at bringing to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in the country, promoting decent work in Tanzania by promoting self-help initiatives, mutual assistance in communities and cross-border exchanges through the cooperative approach.

The Cooperative Facility for Africa, commonly known as CoopAFRICA, is a program that facilitates cooperatives in Africa. It is a professional program that is largely sponsored by UK Department for International Development (DFID), aiming at raising development of cooperative movements in Africa. Its headquarters is at ILO offices in Dar es Salaam Tanzania.

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