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A new cooperative clothing line has been launched by Argentinian worker cooperative, Septiembre Textil, bringing together local businesses and celebrating diversity. A network of local providers of design, communication and commercial advisory services from Río Negro and Neuquén provinces have worked together on the project.

4 March 2016

Jamelia, the new clothing brand, has social sustainability and diversity at its heart: garments have been manufactured using associative forms of production, and the range includes both standard and plus-sizes.

The milestone marks a double victory for the cooperative. The initiative was launched in 2013 but was subsequently shelved when the cooperative’s premises were destroyed in a fire. But in 2014, the cooperative workers insisted they could carry on with the project and go ahead with the launch of their new brand.

Marcela Navratil, associate of the Septiembre Textilcooperative said: “We are so proud of our achievement – it’s a dream we’ve been working towards for many years: to have our own brand and make a name for ourselves in the fashion world”.

The project was driven forward by Septiembre Textil, a cooperative member of the Federación de Cooperativas de Trabajo de la República Argentina- Fecootra(Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, Argentina, in English) with collaboration from technical teams at the Proyecto Asociativo de Diseño (Associative Design Project, in English), the Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología (Ministry of Science and Technology, in English) and the Instituto Nacional de Tecnología Industrial (National Institute of Industrial Technology, in English).

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