Damnet, Belgium

26 September 2014

Damnet is a worker cooperative specialising in IT solutions, based in Namur in Belgium. The cooperative meets the needs of small and medium enterprises. It has been providing services since 2001, when it began as a start-up. It has been collaborating successfully with CECOP-CICOPA Europe for over a year. Seventeen worker members currently work for Damnet and there are four workers who are in the process of becoming cooperators. Each new worker enters a 12 month process to build their technical and cooperative skills before they join as worker members. Damnet has created two new jobs since 2013 and they will create one more job this year.

Laurent Coclet, System and Network Administrator explains “it is the collective spirit that I enjoy the most at Damnet. If an achievement is made, it is through a team effort, not an individual effort. Here, we work without competition among each other, but collectively towards the same goal. Any wins and any losses are collective.” This September 2014 Damnet was selected among fourteen finalists for the Great Entrepreneurship Prize of Wallonia 2014, a regional prize rewarding small and medium enterprises. The results will be announced on 15th October.

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