Declaration of Ibero-American heads of states and government on cooperatives and social economy

The declaration of Montevideo of the Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government, convened on 4 and 5 November 2006 in Montevideo, contains proposals presented by RIBES (Ibero-American Network of Social Economy).

7 November 2006

The article 36 of this declaration stipulates: «We recognise the fundamental role, in the integral development of our nations, of cooperatives and other organizations of the social economy, whose principles of productivity, competitiveness, complementariness, solidarity and, above all, social responsibility, strengthen the participative character of our democracies, furthers the generation of employment, supports the combat against poverty, calls for integration and social cohesion, in particular of women, youths, adult people with disabilities - generating conditions of development».

This article is inspired by a similar one in the declaration of the EU - Latin America - Caribbean Meeting of the Organized Civil Society which took place in Mexico in April 2004, and in which CICOPA placed a role as a facilitator between the cooperative organizations of the two regions.

News from Harys Regidor, president of RIBES, San Jose de Costa Rica

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