Worker Cooperatives of the Americas meet in Montevideo

The IV Cooperative Summit of the Americas was held from 14 to 18 November. The event took place over five days, with over 30 meetings, workshops, forums, lectures, and work groups, under the slogan ‘Cooperatives: Partnerships for Sustainable Development’. The goal of the event was to strengthen, both from a social and business perspective, cooperative organisations as foundations for sustainable development. On the last day, the former president of Uruguay José Mujica (2010-2015) attended, calling on cooperative leaders to “globalise solidarity”.

23 November 2016

On 16 November, the III CICOPA Americas Regional Assembly was held, with a lecture entitled “Self-Managed Work Frees People and Societies” attended by representatives from various worker cooperatives in the region, as well as Manuel Mariscal, President of CICOPA, who asked cooperative representatives in the Americas “to think and act from a perspective of intercooperation, something that is lacking amongst cooperatives” and that “is not only a challenge for CICOPA, but for cooperativism as a whole”.

Mariscal also brought up the mention of cooperatives in the United Nations’ 2015-2030 agenda for sustainable development, stressing that “the UN is giving us the chance to do what we have been doing, but with a monitoring system which will measure how each of our companies, cities, or countries performs. We must commit to gaging our own performance and to reaching positive outcomes, because that will give us better visibility across the world, and give us greater power in social and political lobbying”.

The CICOPA Americas Declaration “The Role of Worker Cooperatives in the Social and Solidarity-based Economy, Democratisation, and Sustainable Development” was approved, and is available (In Spanish) here.

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