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To help people learn more about setting up collective enterprises according to the same principles as worker cooperatives, COCETA, la Confederación Española de Cooperativas de Trabajo Asociado (the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, in English) has launched a new web portal: There are three basic guides on the website aimed at encouraging people to set up cooperative business projects: a guide on how to set up a cooperative, a guide on how to write a business plan, and a guide on how to develop and put the business plan into practice (including an online tool to track development).

15 October 2014

"According to Spain’s Ministry of Employment this business model has been responsible for the loss of ten percentage points fewer jobs than other traditional businesses. If all businesses had shown the same level of loss of employment, 1.5 million job posts would have been saved" said COCETA’s President, Juan Antonio Pedreño. He added that "more and more young people trying to find their way in the business market are looking at the cooperative movement. It’s become a response to the problem of youth unemployment in Spain in recent years".

The website also offers an online tool that helps with the design of a business plan and other resources and documents sorted by Autonomous Community, informing users of the specifics of setting up cooperative businesses in the different regions. There is also a table showing a comparison of the different legislations of each Autonomous Community. The site also includes a guide on how to turn around businesses in crisis, and a multimedia area with videos explaining new accounting regulations applicable to cooperatives.

The project has been supported by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and was part of COCETA’s Estrategia de Emprendimiento y Empleo Joven (Youth Learning and Employment Strategy, in English). It also offers, in collaboration with the Instituto Nacional de Seguridad e Higiene en el trabajo (National Institute for Health and Safety at work, in English) a link to a free public advice service about risk prevention for microenterprises and the self employed.

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