How do cooperatives contribute towards increasing household incomes and wealth creation in Uganda?

The Ugandan Government has made the revitalisation and development of cooperatives a priority after seeing how they contribute towards an increase in household income and wealth creation. The move prompted over 16,500 cooperative societies to register in the country by July 2015.

4 March 2016

“Cooperatives play an important role in socioeconomic development through the creation of jobs, improvement of member income, the promotion of added value, and social stability.

The cooperative movement, which has been in Uganda for a century, is “very much alive across various sectors in Uganda”, says from the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in Uganda.

The 16,500 cooperatives work in a variety of areas. In the transport sector there are 232 drivers and 88 boda-boda (two-wheeled bicycle or motorcycle taxi) based cooperatives. So far there are 5 cooperatives registered in the health sector. In the energy sector, 17 energy cooperatives have been registered, all of which are involved in power distribution.

According to the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives in Uganda, many cooperative societies are exporting to regional and international markets, including the export of handmade goods to the EU and the Americas.


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