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It is obvious that the current world is constantly re-inventing itself, technological progress and the continuous professionalisation of administrative processes require increasingly more preparation of human capital to take on the challenges that the economy presents. There are several different alternatives facing with this situation. A shared constant feature that has started to take shape in both developed and emerging countries is the boost that young people have obtained as a key factor in the improvement of their economies.

19 July 2014

By Omar Arias Vázquez, President of the National Committee for Cooperative Youth (Comité Nacional de Juventud Cooperativa) of Mexico

The Cooperative Coordinating Committee of Mexico, together with the cooperative organisations members of the ACI in Mexico currently consider young Mexicans to be the basis for the development of the Mexican Cooperative Movement, as a factor for consolidating the cooperative philosophy, and at the same time renewing and increasing the efficiency of organisational structures in order to make cooperatives more competitive.
One of the main drivers to reach this objective is the Committee for Cooperative Youth in Mexico, JOVENMEX, which is seeking a solution to bridge the cross-generational gap that exists between the Cooperative Youth and Cooperative Leaders in order to underpin the cooperative movement in Mexico.

JOVENMEX was created in 2009 with the mission “To promote the active participation of young people, by designing formative models and managing initiatives that prepare the young generations to reinforce the national cooperative movement.” It is currently composed of two representative members from each association that is affiliated to the ACI in Mexico (Cooperative Confederation of Diverse Activities of the Mexican Republic; Caja Popular Mexicana; Alianza Federation and UNISAP Federation) and plays an active role in devising strategies to increase the involvement of young people in the Cooperative Movement.

It is important to note that further to the UN Declaration for the International Year of Cooperatives in 2012 and the subsequent Declaration of the International Cooperative Youth, JOVENMEX deems that it is essential for the development of our mission that cooperative leadership be consolidated as a driver of value and genuine agent for change within our organisations.

At present, our efforts and the strategic action guidelines are geared towards the strengthening of the Mexican Youth through Participation and the Reinforcement of Identity.
Over the past five years we have been able to position and instil trust in young people thanks to our organisations. Among other activities, we organise seminars, camps of a theoretical nature, teleconferences jointly with the ACI Americas Regional Youth Committee, workshops, sustainable projects, internships, management models, etc. Nevertheless, it is a fact that we are continuing on this path with the firm intention to have a greater impact and involve all young people, bearing in mind that young people represent 18% of the Mexican population.

Our vision implies shaping leaders who empower their cooperatives and are capable of having a bearing on public policies so as to increase participation of cooperatives as well as social and solidarity economy players in society. That is why networking is key, because in order to exert pressure in the public and political spheres, all sectors of the Cooperative Movement need to raise their voice in unison, thereby also living up to another thematic line, that of the Blueprint for a Cooperative Decade.

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