Japan: 17 new cooperatives created in the disaster-hit areas

It is almost two and a half years, and little is heard about reconstruction work in Tohoku, even in Japan, despite the fact that reconstruction is far from complete. However, 17 new worker cooperatives have been created since the terrible earthquake and tsunami in one of the most affected regions by the earthquake in Japan.

18 September 2013

Azubi (meaning “where people get together” in the local dialect), is one of the examples. It opened in the central part of Noda Village, where the tsunami washed away most of the buildings. In July 2011, they decided to launch a gathering place for healthy older people named “Salon Azubi”, while utilizing a public emergency fund to create employment, and now the dream of opening a day care center has come true.

“It seems that governments and people in the disaster-hit areas are most impressed with the fact that worker cooperatives are the means by which residents of these communities play a key role in creating their own jobs and revitalizing their own communities”, said from Japan Workers’ Co-operative Union.

BEFORE: President of Bihoro Hall, JWCU member, totally destroyed by tsunami

AFTER: A cooperative in the Miyagi Prefecture

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