Jobs in Spanish worker cooperatives increase despite the crisis

In spite of the fact that around 5 million people are unemployed in Spain, last studies from the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, COCETA confirm that even if those enterprises are also suffering the crisis, the number of jobs has increased. The employment in worker cooperatives in the first semester has grown by 200% comparing with the same period of 2011, creating 8.000 new jobs.

10 December 2012

COCETA underlines that around 80% of the cooperators have a fixed salary, due to the fact that they are also members of the cooperative. Besides that, 50% of the cooperative workers are women, and they are present in 40% of the decision making positions. There are 17.000 worker cooperatives in Spain; employing more than a quarter of a million people.

The Spanish version of the documentary Together, produced by CECOP – CICOPA Europe was presented last week in Madrid. Several media sources reported about the event. You can read some examples here:

- Público (Spanish online newspaper):

- Europa Press (Spanish press agency):

Photos: Lydie Nesvadba

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