Le Mat, Italy

3 December 2013

Le Mat is a social brand standing for social entrepreneurs in tourism: a tourism able to open the minds towards those who are different, a tourism where you can meet people who are curious to meet you; where through travelling you can listen to thousands of stories and experiences of different cultures of local communities willing to exchange with and to welcome who comes from abroad. Le Mat has been developed by an association and a consortium of social cooperatives who are the owners of the registered brand. It works for the development and dissemination of social cooperatives that are in the business of hotels and bed and breakfast and other tourist services while providing the best possible cultural, social, vocational and occupational value to persons suffering mainly from disabilities, mental illness or drug addiction. The Le Mat manages training for inclusive entrepreneurship; the startup and development of cooperatives, training, and advisory services in business plans and fundraising; advice and counseling in the tourism sector and in the hotel/hostel/B&B business and the promotion of and participation partnerships for access to programmes and projects financed by the European Social Fund and other sources, with a view to achieving the objectives of the group.

Le Mat Association was founded in Italy in 2005 by a handful of individuals and cooperatives experienced in managing small hotels and hostels and in providing jobs to people affected by social exclusion and disabilities. Then, the Le Mat set up the consortium together with many other cooperatives and with an aim to raise the quality and sustainability of those working in the field of tourism. Step by step the Le Mat brand developed the Manuals and its own social franchising system. Italians and Swedish social cooperatives together set up the Le Mat Europe a cooperative society legally based in Sweden. The aim is that Le Mat Europe will drive the development in the other European or Extra European countries.

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Le Mat is a site of Cooproute, the European Route of Cooperative Culture. Find more information here


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