Manuel Mariscal elected new president of CICOPA

Manuel Mariscal, from the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives (COCETA), was elected yesterday as president of CICOPA at the General Assembly that was held in Cancun, Mexico.

17 November 2011

The new president emphasized in his speech the great importance of employment, which is increasingly scarce at this time. “Because of that, it is a priority that the workers’ cooperatives show to the world their form of doing business, with democratic methods that create territorial and social cohesion".

Manuel Mariscal also highlighted that he "expects to have the support of all CICOPA organizations, the small ones as well as the large ones”. He also looks forward to having the support of the vice presidents and people responsible for the regions, to achieve the goal of raising the value of “work” as a fundamental element for the future.

Javier Salaberria (left) and Manuel Mariscal (right)

Mariscal is vice-president of COCETA, and also vice-president of CECOP-CICOPA-Europe. He succeeds Javier Salaberria who had been the CICOPA president for 6 years and who has transformed it into a strong and global organisation at a critical time when worker cooperatives are more necessary than ever.

Participants at the CICOPA General Assembly, Cancun, Mexico

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