Manuel Mariscal, re-elected as President of CICOPA for the next 4 years

The Spanish cooperator and Vice-president of the Spanish Confederation of worker cooperatives Manuel Mariscal has been re-elected President of CICOPA, the International organization of industrial and service cooperatives in the framework of the General Assembly held in Antalya, Turkey 14 November. He renews the mandate given by CICOPA members in November 2011 in Cancun, Mexico.

14 November 2015

The President expressed from the beginning of the assembly the importance to underline the cooperative difference, the specificities of worker-ownership and the need to follow the way of intercooperation. He also highlighted the need to keep on working on the promotion of worker and social cooperatives among the young people as one of the priorities for the next 4 years. “The work developed by worker and social cooperatives is getting more well-known, we have the responsibility to spread our economic model even wider”, insisted Manuel Mariscal.

The General Assembly designated a new CICOPA Executive Committee as follows:
Alain Bridault, from the Canadian Worker Cooperatives Federation (CWCF), Apolinar Ortiz Hernández, from the Confederación Nacional Cooperativa de Actividades Diversas de la República Mexicana (CNC), Carlos Ernesto Acero Sánchez, from the Confederación de Cooperativas de Colombia (CONFECOOP), Janusz Paszkowski, from the National Auditing Union of Workers’ Co-operatives (NAUWC) in Poland, José Hernán Orbaiceta, from the Argentinian Federation of worker cooperatives, (Fecootra), Olga Eugenia Pegoraro, AGCI Produzione e Servizi di Lavoro in Italy, Patrick Lenancker, from the General Confederation of worker cooperatives in France (CGScop), Rostislav Dvořák, from the Union of Czech and Moravian Producers’ Cooperatives (SCMVD) and Yuzo Nagato, from the Japanese Worker Cooperative Union (JWCU). The two vice-presidents remain the same: Luca Dal Pozzo, President of CECOP - CICOPA Europe and the President of CICOPA Americas, Arildo Mota Lopes. In addition, the President of CICOPA North America, Rebecca Kemble and the President of CICOPA Mercosur, Juan Correa are also members of the Executive Committee.

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