Mercosur Social Summit

On December 14, 2006 the I Social Summit of MERCOSUR took place in Brasilia, where nearly 500 representatives of different social organizations from member and associated countries met in order to give a new impulse to the participation of civil society within the framework of MERCOSUR.

15 December 2006

In the final declaration of the summit, sent to the presidents of the member countries, article 18 is about cooperatives. It says: « We consider that MERCOSUR should include the strengthening and widening of the productive and social dimensions of integration. The cooperative movement and the solidarity economy should be supported by regional policies as effective instruments for the construction of a fairer society, for the generation of decent work and income, and for the inclusion of the excluded populations. We support the elaboration of regional policies for the promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises, technological incentives and the production of renewable energies with criteria of social and environmental sustainability. We also underline the necessity to establish activities and a common legislation for the promotion of the cooperative movement and of training and exchange among the sectors, and to stimulate the structuring of productive chains.” In the article 12, the declaration says: “we exhort to the Presidents to implement the recommendations presented by (?) the Specialized MERCOSUR Cooperative Conference, (RECM)”, the MERCOSUR body in charge of cooperatives.

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