Molino Santa Rosa, Uruguay

3 July 2013

"Molino Santa Rosa" ("Santa Rosa’s Mill" in Spanish) was founded in 1925 in Uruguay. In 1999, due to economic problems, the management decided to transfer it into a cooperative made up of 44 former employees of the company, which bought the plant definitely in 2004, through a public auction. It became the first working cooperative in the country. The workers tried to borrow the company’s assets, setting up a loan with the bank. Over time, part of the debt has been canceled due to the acquisition of new technologies and machines. In this development process, it was essential to keep the group of workers together, get the support of the community and develop an ongoing dialogue with government authorities. Currently, the strategy of the cooperative is based on the economic development of Santa Rosa, a town of 3,500 inhabitants. Many other companies have followed the experience of “Molino Santa Rosa”. Today, it is estimated that about 30 companies all around the country have been transformed by its workers in cooperatives.

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