New Global report on Cooperatives and Employment to be launched in October

The organisers of the 2014 International Summit of Cooperatives have entrusted CICOPA to draft a new study on cooperatives and employment presenting the current state of employment in cooperatives around the world, through both quantitative and qualitative analysis, framed in the bigger picture of the situation and challenges of employment around the world.

26 February 2014

The study will attempt to estimate the number of jobs created or maintained by cooperatives and define the specificities of employment in cooperatives as compared to the economy in general. It will reveal the point of view of people working in or with cooperatives and will show the factors of sustainable and decent employment in cooperatives. It will propose corresponding recommendations in terms of public policies and concrete entrepreneurial organization.

The study, which will be presented in plenary session at the International Summit of Cooperatives in October in Quebec, will focus more in particular on ten sample regions in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the USA, South Africa, Japan, Korea, India, Italy and Spain, where cooperatives are a recognised actor in terms of employment.

About the International Summit of Cooperatives

The second edition of the International Summit of Cooperatives will be held from October 6 to 9 , 2014, in Quebec City, Canada. The International Summit of Cooperatives is a biennial gathering where leaders of cooperative and mutualist enterprises get together to discuss their concerns about the current and future business challenges. World-renowned speakers from the cooperative, mutualist, and private sectors will be there. The Summit will also have the support of representatives from major international organizations, which themselves will be called on to play a key role in the measures proposed to meet the challenges raised by the Summit’s themes.
The Desjardins Group and the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) will co-host the event. Based on the 2012 edition of the Summit, the organizers estimate that the event will attract 2,800 participants from 91 countries.

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