New cooperative ruling in response to socio-economic changes

At the end of September the Andalusian government approved a ruling for Andalusian cooperatives stemming from the December 2011 Andalusia Cooperatives Law. According to Manuel Mariscal, CICOPA President and Vice-President of COCETA, the Confederación española de cooperativas de trabajo (the Spanish Confederation of Worker Cooperatives, in English) the ruling "will remove a number of legal uncertainties: above all those relating to new innovations, and revisions to the cooperative legal framework that have occurred as a response to increasing socio-economic change in recent years.

3 November 2014

The ruling outlines new types of worker cooperatives in detail, as defined in the 2011 law: business-driven cooperatives, mixed cooperatives, and public service cooperatives. For Mariscal, these are "new responses, new ways to help cooperatives respond to the changing needs of society by creating stable and good quality jobs – at the same time as inspiring social innovation".

"I believe that these new types of cooperative will help us combat the instability of employment and the failing economy. These are the key battles we cooperatives need to fight, and the ruling is one more weapon to help us reach our goal", he added.

Discussing new innovations that could lead to further regional or national legislation, he highlighted three key points:
-  New categories of worker cooperatives: the business-driven and public service cooperatives categories will encourage the participation of large worker collectives working in alliance with both public and private bodies using a cooperative formula.
-  The formation and regulation of cooperative groups.
-  It is not obligatory to make Andalusian Cooperative statutes official prior to them being registered publicly.

The ruling is available here

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