New law for worker cooperatives in Brazil

The worker cooperatives in Brazil have a new law that promises an optimistic panorama for the sector. The new legislation is the result of many years of work carried out by Brazilian worker cooperatives. The legal project was approved yesterday 19th July by the President, Dilma Rousseff, after being approved unanimously by the Brazilian Chamber of Deputies on 27th June.

20 July 2012

This law establishes a clear regulation on the operation and administrative procedures for worker cooperatives. It is also intended to overcome previous legal problems, such as the creation of pseudo cooperatives, as well as ensuring the rights of the cooperative workers. So that, it is good news for the Brazilian worker cooperatives, CICOPA and its members Central de Cooperativas e Empreendimientos Solidários (UNISOL) and Organização das Cooperativas Brasileiras (OCB) during the United Nations International Year of Cooperative 2012.

It is the product of nine years of work developed by the Brazilian worker cooperative movement. CICOPA has given its support for the creation of this new legal framework; and the drafting of the legal text has been based on the CICOPA World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives.

Please click here to access the CICOPA World Declaration on Worker Cooperatives:

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