People dug deep into their pockets to finance a worker coop !

TeamWorks was founded in 2004 as a Cleaning Cooperative inspired by the business model of the Mondragon Cooperatives. Recently, they succeeded getting 2 loans of $5,000 through Kiva Zip, a website that enables individuals to make direct loans to entrepreneurs. The money will help TeamWorks to support the cooperative with marketing, equipment for new teams, and the management capacity needed for their growth campaign.

29 March 2013

When Adriana arrived in the US, she had difficulty finding a job as she spoke no English and lacked an educational degree. “When I heard that TeamWorks was hiring a cleaner, I did not hesitate to apply and I can say today, after being with the cooperative for about 8 years, that I could not have asked for a better opportunity. TeamWorks has taught me a lot about being a business owner, a team player, and a responsible member of society”.

In the past couple of years, TeamWorks has been working to create assistant manager positions to give their members an opportunity to work outside of the cleaning profession. Today, three of its members work part time as Assistant Managers. The cooperative needed approximately $10,000 to invest in growing the cooperative to a size that could justify continuing the new management structure. Thanks to the contribution of people, the company reached its goal and they now have the working capital to help them build capacity as they plan to. Today, it is a reality for TeamWorks! -

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