Rebuilding the areas hit by the earthquake in Italy!

An example of inter cooperation, the “Consorzio RicostruiaMO” (or “Rebuild Consortium”) has been officially created. Its aim is to contribute, along with the government, citizens, and technicians, to the reconstruction of the Modena area, which was hit by the earthquake in May 2012.

19 May 2013

They have chosen this name as a better representation of themselves, as the consortium is composed by cooperatives, active in different sectors based in Modena, the city where they live. The members believe that this project can contribute positively to their objective and mission: to rebuild their own area. On the one hand preserving the structures, and also innovating. In fact, they believe that the reconstruction of the centers should hold its historical memory, though innovating and improving infrastructures, that can guarantee the security and prevent what happened last year.
“Consorzio RicostruiaMO” is composed by four consortia that bring together 50 cooperatives based in Modena, which in turn employ about two thousand persons. In particular, the consortia involved are: Consorzio Costruzioni Modena (CCM), Consorzio Imprenditori Edili (CME), Consorzio Stabile Coseam and Consorzio Stabile Modenese (CSM) and Consorzio Cooperative Costruzioni (CCC).

For the first time, all these consortia will work together with one main goal: upgrading. This case illustrates how union shows its force!

More information here (in Italian):

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