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The Committee on the Promotion of Cooperatives
of the 89th International Labour Conference
(5-21 June 2001)

Work carried out on the future ILO international norm on the promotion of cooperatives

Report prepared by the representatives of the national cooperative organisations that took part in the Committee

Edited by:

- Danilo Gutiérrez - President of the Uruguayan Confederation of Cooperative Organisations (CUDECOOP)

- Victor Morales Zapata - Executive Secretary of the National Cooperative Council of Costa Rica (CONACOOP)

- Bruno Roelants - Consultant, CICOPA / CECOP, and Representative of the Italian Cooperative Confederations AGCI, CONFCOOPERATIVE and LEGACOOP at the 89th International Labour Conference

With contributions from: Lars Ag, Senior Advisor to the Swedish Cooperative Development and Research Institute (KOOPI), Mohamed Hassan El-Sebaiy, President of the Productive Cooperative Union of Egypt (PCU); Laszlo Filipsz, Head of Secretariat, National Federation of Agricultural Co-operators and Producers of Hungary (MOSZ); Esther Gicheru, Director of the Cooperative College, Kenya; Masazumi Kanno, President of the Japanese Worker Cooperatives’ Union (JWCU); Venetsiana Kolyva, Responsible for International Relations, Brussels Office of the Panhellenic Confederation of Unions of Agricultural Cooperatives (PASEGES); Ruben Martinez, Secretary of the Board of the Cooperative Confederation of the Argentinean Republic (COOPERAR); Marian Rybar, President of the Slovak Union of Producers’ Cooperatives (SZVD); Jiri Svoboda, Responsible for international liaison of the Czech and Moravian Union of Producers’ Cooperatives (SCMVD).

September 2001

RTF - 382,4 kb
Part I: Introduction and Context
RTF - 666,9 kb
Part II: Report on the Committee’s work
RTF - 538,8 kb
Part III: Analysis of results
RTF - 408 kb
Part IV: Opinions, conclusions and proposals

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