Sentient, Sweden

30 April 2014

You have probably seen the famous Volvo advert with Jean-Claude Van Damme doing the splits between two trucks in movement, as it has been watched more than 72 million times on Youtube… What you maybe don’t know is that the steering function, demonstrated by the movie, has been invented by the Swedish cooperative Sentient. Sentient is a provider of customer functions for road vehicles, based on innovation with a solid basis in science and technology. Sentient was founded in 2009 by three technical specialists, with the idea to change the perception of safer driving. Thus the company has grown in an organic way to become a significant partner to the automotive industry – without losing its characteristic profile. Sentient’s research develops solutions with the aim to avoid road accidents. The solutions can be integrated in vehicles or in road infrastructure with, or without, the support of Sentient. So far, the solutions have been developed primarily for steering safety and road departure avoidance, two of the most common causes of accidents.
In April 2014 the cooperative became cooperative of the year in its region and it will automatically be nominated to the national award in October.
Watch the Van Damme movie here:


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