Spain: A Total of 228 Cooperatives Joined Ucomur in 2004

Murcia is the Autonomous Community with the highest number of social economy enterprises per capita.

13 June 2005

During the last year, a total of 228 cooperatives joined the Union of Worker Ownership Cooperatives (Ucomur), which increased the number of members by 1,006. This represents "the highest number of members in the last eight years", according to this organization’s 2004 annual report.

This report was presented in Molina de Segura during this organization’s XVI General Ordinary Assembly presided over by Cristina Rubio, Labor and Social Policy Councillor. Ucomur has 3.107 member cooperatives.

Of the total member cooperatives, 173 are worker ownership cooperatives. Together with the social initiative enterprises and community work groups that work the land, they make up 80 percent of the enterprises that have been founded.

During 2004 new cooperatives were created in all sectors. However, the greatest number were service cooperatives, which represented 60 per cent of the businesses created.
In its report, Ucomur notes that cooperativism in the Region "is growing in a slow and steady manner," with the creation of enterprises in more than 80 per cent of municipalities.

During 2004 cooperatives were created in 20 of the Region’s municipalities. Those with the greatest number of new cooperatives include Murcia with 68 enterprises; Lorca with 53; Aguilas with 12, and Totana wtih 11.

Murcia is the Autonomous Community with the highest number of social economy enterprises and cooperatives per capita, according to sources at the Council of Labor and Social Policy.

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