Sviluppo e Futuro Levigliani, Italy

19 June 2014

The Cooperativa Sviluppo e Futuro Levigliani was founded in 2001 by local young people in order to create tourist accommodation, based on the cultural and environmental heritage of their community : Levigliani of Stazzema (not far from the tourist-filled “cinque terre”). In the heart of the Regional Park of the Apuan Alps, Alta Versilia, just minutes from the sea, it manages the tourist cave “Antro del Corchia”. It is the largest karst cave in Italy; rich in a wide variety of shapes and layers formed over the course of time! The cooperative’s activity includes the restoration of the old mercury mines and with the management of two museums. The Quicksilver Mines now offer the opportunity for visitors to experience the exploration of precious sites. The “Pietra Piegata” museum retains the expert knowledge and creativity of the craftsmen of the marble, while the “Lavorare Liberi” museum testifies and tells the fascinating story of the Cooperativa Condomini, a business reality of sacrifice and mutuality that led to the development of its entire community. Today the Cooperativa Sviluppo & Futuro Levigliani employs 20 people, of which 12 are worker-members. The members of the cooperative must to live in Levigliani, generating direct employment in the area and preventing the depopulation of a small rural village.

Sviluppo e Futuro Levigliani is a site of Cooproute, the European Route of Cooperative Culture. Find more information here


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