The CICOPA network is growing!

In the last year, 3 new members from around the world have joined our network, allowing us to increase our representation in the Asia – Pacific regions and in America. To nowadays, CICOPA affiliates 46 organizations in 30 countries.

13 January 2017

Here it is a short insight of the member who joined us in the last year:

The Vietnam Cooperative Alliance (VCA), is a national organization, representing and protecting the rights and interests of cooperative members through activities such as training, consulting and supporting to push up and develop the cooperative movement in Vietnam. As of 2015, there are 18,024 cooperatives with 7,386,572 members, in which there are 1,424 trading and service cooperatives, 846 construction and material production cooperatives, 2,187 industrial and handicraft cooperatives, 963 transportation cooperatives and 332 environment cooperatives, among others.
Member of the ICA since 1961, the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance has been developing collaborative relations with domestic and international organizations, including CICOPA, to share information, exchange and learn experiences contributing to the development of the cooperative movement.

The Bolivian Cooperative of cement, industry and services (COBOCE), has joined CICOPA one year after its affiliation to the ICA in 2015.
COBOCE is the main industrial cooperative of Bolivia and an example and support to the growth of the socio economic cooperative model in the region. It was founded to bring together the different social strata of the country surrounding the project, so that the population savings was invested in the industrial sector, becoming the only industrial cooperative in the hands of Bolivians to boost the development of the country. Among its mission, we recall here the generation of decent and qualified work opportunities and the promotion of a cooperative economic development model.

The most recent adoption, the Liga de Cooperativas de Puerto Rico (LIGACOOP) through its integration agency and the National Commission of Cooperatives of Various Types represents cooperatives in industry and services in Puerto Rico. The general objective of the Commission is to foster the existence of an instance of participation that allows the cooperative leaders of the Diverse Types sector to plan and implement strategies aimed at integrating the cooperative movement. It also seeks at consolidating cooperatives that are part of the same sector and search for solutions to the common problems of cooperatives in industry and services organized under the "General Law of Cooperative Societies of Puerto Rico of 2004", providing the cooperative sector in general with a legal framework for organization, operation and regulation of cooperatives.

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