The Green Worker Cooperatives, USA

2 May 2013

The Green Worker Cooperative was founded in 2003 and it is based in the South-Bronx of New York, USA. This organization, which employs 4 persons, is dedicated to incubating worker-owned green businesses in order to build a strong local economy rooted in democracy and environmental justice. Why is it green? Because, they believe that your work shouldn’t harm you, your community, or the earth. This is the reason why they support people in launching businesses that are worker-owned and contribute to the health of their communities. In particular, four years ago, it created the “Coop Academy” to provide answers. In fact, the academy runs 24-week courses that offer intensive mentoring, legal-financial advice, help with designing logos and websites, to support the teams of aspiring entrepreneurs to develop worker-owned green businesses. At the moment, it has created five cooperatives now thriving in New York City, as “Caracol Interpreters”, which is raising the bar on interpreters’ wages, and “Concrete Green”, which focuses on environmentally-sound landscaping. Those cooperatives created by Green Worker Cooperatives will employ 28 workers.

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