The President of Uruguay recognizes the efforts of worker cooperatives in its 50th anniversary

The President of Uruguay, José Mujica, has actively participated in the ceremony commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Federation of producers Cooperatives of Uruguay (FCPU). Mujica recognised the efforts of these enterprises in organising themselves “having to start sometimes at the bottom, with industries that insolvent employers had left behind”.

8 January 2013

Mujica stressed the strength made by cooperatives to maintain jobs, “it is not easy to create something, and it is more difficult to leave the atavism of a culture that is subliminally present in all of us”. The strength of worker cooperatives facing the crisis was also highlighted by the President of the Republic of Uruguay: “cooperatives can tighten their belts, maintain the jobs and try to save; first of all, the source of work that is going to allow the recovery of their losses in the future”.

The event was also attended by several ministers and national and regional authorities from the cooperative movement. FCPU is one of the historic federal organizations from our cooperative sector; it has experienced difficulties and various political and economic challenges.

You can read the full speech of the President of Uruguay here:

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