The UN highlights the role played by cooperativism in Rio+20

The final document of the Rio+20 Summit on Sustainable Development 2012, supported by more than 190 governments, recognizes the role of cooperatives in contributing to social inclusion and poverty reduction (point 70 of the conclusions). The summit was the largest in the history of the United Nations, gathering around 500 official events and 45,381 attendees, including approximately 12,000 delegates from 188 countries, more than 4,000 journalists and 10,000 NGO representatives. CICOPA Americas took part in the summit, represented by its President, Arildo Mota Lopes, who is also President of Central de Cooperativas e Empreendimientos Solidários (UNISOL).

11 July 2012

Dame Pauline Green, President of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) stated that the reference to cooperativism in the final document is "to state in writing" a number of coincidences that have been agreed within the sector. "Members and supporters of the cooperative movement have long known that cooperatives help people to overcome poverty, promote gender equality, give back to the communities in which they are active and address ahead the attention of critical issues of sustainable development", Green declared.

Within the framework of the Rio+20 Summit, the Association des rencontres du Mont-Blanc - International Forum of Leaders of the Social and Solidarity Economy (EMB-FIDESS) approved a resolution that calls for recognizing the "fundamental role of the organizations and enterprises of the Social And Solidarity Economy, whose principles of democratic management, personal growth, open membership, fair distribution of surpluses, attachment to the collective ownership and independence towards governments, replace the human being in the center of world concerns, to create a more equitable, more interdependent and more democratic society and contribute to sustainable development, that is economically viable, socially fair and environmentally sound".

The conclusions of the Rio+20 are available on the following link:

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