The Way Forward: World conference on cooperatives and development in Cancun

The event that will be held in Cancun on 17th November is unique in several different ways. Primarily, it will be a source of inspiration for the work of cooperatives, which deliver concrete actions on a daily basis in the field of development. How do they do it? How do they create the conditions to develop viable and prosperous cooperatives?

31 October 2011

Cooperatives are seen as very important actors in the field of development. They have an enormous capacity to build a better world at the same time as being sustainable, this is the case of all the cooperatives and especially the contribution of cooperatives in the industry, services and health sectors. There is a focus on key components of development: the creation and maintenance of jobs and industrial or service activities (worker and social cooperatives), community services and services of general interest (social cooperatives), the development of local individual productive activities (bakers, mechanics, masons, lorry drivers, etc.), and the adapted provision of health services to meet consumers’ needs (health cooperatives).

CICOPA and IHCO aim to underline the cooperative role on development matter but also to understand and discuss it in a conference that will be held in Cancun on 17th November. "The way forward: Cooperatives and development" will take the shape of a television debate: a round table conference with 30 key persons involved in development strategies and policies (World Health Organisation ILO, UNDP, European Commission, etc.) will debate on how cooperatives have contributed, and can contribute to development at the local, regional, national and international levels. In this exclusive debate, participants will try to see how to build a path towards a cooperative development strategy, based on the past experience of cooperatives.

This conference will be a useful event for every actor in the cooperative movement that wants to understand, work and underline the challenges we are all facing already.

A draft programme is available at the website of the conference: Participants can register to the conference on the following link:

The conference will take place within the framework of the International Cooperative Alliance’s General Assembly that will be held in Cancun from 14th to 18th November. On the same occasion, the IYC (International Year of Cooperatives in 2012) will be officially launched.

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