The book "Values", a good training tool for multi-stakeholder cooperatives

The book “Values – How to Bring Values to Life in your Business” written by Ed Mayo, the Secretary General of CICOPA’s member organization Co-operatives UK has been recently released. It discusses business values in general and cooperative values in particular, suggesting that the latter must form a coherent whole to be shared by their members-stakeholders.

28 November 2016

Values is short and easy to read, and constitutes a very good training tool. An interesting suggestion, for example, is to group different stakeholders in different discussion groups. This can be particularly useful in training people in multi-stakeholder cooperatives, namely cooperatives with categories of members that are distinctive in governance, institutional and legal terms, and which are one of the big cooperative breakthroughs of the recent decades.

To make his case, Ed Mayo presents a number of example, and in particular SUMA, the main worker cooperative in the UK, to which we dedicated a whole chapter in the book Cooperatives, Territories and Jobs, published by CECOP – CICOPA Europe in 2011.

The book can be purchased directly on the publisher’s website at
The publisher will grant a 35% discount to all buyers who insert the discount code CICOPAValues

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