The global cooperative movement meets in South Africa

The global meeting of the cooperative movement is approaching. It will be held in Cape Town (South Africa) during the week of 1-5 November. The International Cooperative Alliance Conference “A Cooperative Decade in Action” will discuss in depth some of the main challenges which today’s world is encountering in this decade, and the responses the cooperative movement could successfully provide to meet them. CICOPA is organizing, together with the International Health Cooperative Organisation (IHCO), the thematic session on “Access to Community Services” on 3 November, with the participation of a third sector, ICA-Housing.

18 October 2013

The workshop will paint a picture of the main global trends regarding cooperatives engaged in community services (health, education, housing, environment, social services, labour integration of disadvantaged citizens etc) with the help of international experts and examples of cooperatives in the field. This will be followed by a large debate around the main components of the ICA’s Outline for a Cooperative Decade, which will focus on such strategic topics such as how to incorporate various types of stakeholders in the cooperative’s governance, how to engage in local environmental development, how to further the community mission through the consolidation of cooperative groups and networks and how disadvantaged citizens can identify with their cooperative as a key rehabilitation instrument. Concrete examples will be illustrated with short videos. You will find the draft programme by clicking here.

Community services will be a key component of economic development, sustainable employment and social cohesion in the 21st Century. This is both a strong challenge and a crucial opportunity for cooperatives in this decade. Given the increasingly pressing needs for community services all over the world, and the rate at which cooperatives are becoming involved in them, this session will highlight issues of vital strategic importance to the whole cooperative movement.

See the session’s introductory video by clicking below.

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