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Work Together, the informative magazine edited by CICOPA is going to change its format! Formerly distributed in electronic format, it will now be distributed in the formula of an E-magazine. Therefore the design will be entirely different, more direct and more incisive, this new version will present the headlines and the introduction of the updated news available online. An internet link will lead to the CICOPA website in order to access the full stories.

25 March 2013

The articles will remain separated by continent. Moreover, the E-magazine will feature a news hub of cooperatives within Industry and Services worldwide. It is the French worker cooperative “Dans les champs”, specialised in web and audio-visual production, which produced the new image of “Work Together”.

Concerning the content of this E-magazine, CICOPA can always rely on the support of its European organisation CECOP CICOPA Europe, which will continue to provide the latest news from Europe. It will be sent in English and will be accessible in French and Spanish in just one click. You will be able to access the new version of “Work Together” from the 1st April from your inbox. If you are not yet part of pour mailing list and you wish to receive “Work Together”, you can sign up here:

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