Tofu Kobo, Japan

15 April 2013

Losing their jobs after a merger, a group of people decided to launch a business under the form of a worker cooperative. They did really not know what to do until they thought about the idea of making and selling tofu: they wanted to propose traditional style tofu, loved by all generations in Japan. To provide healthy and high quality products, they even grew organic soya beans to make tofu. Future members and the local community contributed to build the needed capital and in June 1995, the cooperative was born! Since then, it has been a successful business counting today 8 members. They have been diversifying their activities creating a home care agency called "Danran" as a spin-off of Tofu Kobo. Later, the businesses expanded so much that the members created the Danran Group, which includes Tofu Kobo, Aisai (a home-delivered meal business), home care agencies and day care centers. As of February 2013, Danran Group has 114 worker-members.

Tofu making Tofu making Cambodian delegation visiting Tofu Kobo Members of Tofu Kobo

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