Trama, the cooperative of TV channels in Argentina

The cooperatives in Argentina have decided to take a strategic step up in telecommunications, now the change in laws governing such services, rules that the non-profit entities can be therefore providers of radio and television. Over two hundred cooperatives providing public services thus became cable operators.

5 March 2014

The new Law on Audiovisual Communication Services in Argentina, requires the installation of a local signal for those TV cable link channels providers for whom users pay to receive services. A TV channel where local information programmes predominate during broadcasting hours. TRAMA AUDIOVISUAL has been created due to the need to offer a high quality and democratic contents that has the values of cooperation. It is a cooperative formed by these local television broadcasters and local channels, SME’s and non-profit channels distributed in the country.

The aim of Trama is the co- production of contents. While major media groups in Buenos Aires produce contents and distribute them through their networks throughout the country, Trama has its central axis in the distributed production. “The high costs of audiovisual production for our local channels was one of the main issues that led us to work together. One of the first tasks was to agree on what kind of content we could produce together. After this, the creative team designed an annual plan of contents that we are continuing "says Nicholas Ambrosius, President of Trama. The co-production plan (which can be accessed from here) begins with a series of “Micros”. "These are productions of short duration, no more than five minutes each. We understood it was the best way to begin a coordinated effort."

The Trama content team is responsible for defining the format of each micro, and coordinating productions. Each channel team present its proposals to the production team of Trama and once the scripts and budgets have been finished, each channel prepares itself for filming and final editing. "Trama does not produce contents. It coordinates and gives tuition. We need every single channel, every locality to raise its productive capacities. That’s the challenge we all have ahead"said the Vice President, Fabián Zavaleta.

"We have presented Trama in France to the MIPCOM - the most important market for content marketing in the TV world - and the idea of co-production interested all channels that were contacted. Trama has no limits to the number of channel partners or geographical boundaries. In fact, two channels from Uruguay have signed a collaboration agreement and other bordering countries have contacted us to join the project. The requirements for international co-production only state the sharing the principles of economic solidarity and coordinated work", said Zavaleta .

Usina de Medios

The creation of Trama was driven by a program of work, developed in conjunction by the cooperative movement and the national government, Usina Media. Nahum Mirad, coordinator explains: "Usina deMedios is a program to unify the communications strategy of the Solidarity Economy in Argentina. Unify, far from homogenizing, means to coordinate, integrate, achieve the enhancement by the articulation of the nearly 1,500 media aganets managed by cooperatives, federations, confederations and the solidarity system integrated into SMEs. The importance of this integration in an integrated plan is the need for synergy to enhance both the visibility of the sector and the need to democratize the media system in Argentina. We believe that communication of the Solidarity Economy can become a central vector in the configuration of a new communication model."
And as Trama brings together TV channels, Dypra (Regional Newspapers in Argentina) does the same with the print media, which already brings together more than 150 media supplements, that produce and comerciasiled tourism and education supplements. The same occurs in the area of radio. The newly formed Fenarcom (National Federation of cooperatives and mutual radio) seeks for the work associated to reconfigure the radio market.

Visit “Usina de medios” for more information :

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