Uganda towards a modern and powerful cooperative movement

2010 was a good year for cooperatives in Uganda. A number of milestones were reached, showing that in recent times, it had made good progress towards the building of a new cooperative movement. In 2009 and 2010 a number of new cooperatives were created in several economic sectors, including worker cooperatives. Some of the cooperatives created outside the agricultural sector come from the energy sector and there are also new handicrafts and furniture cooperatives, as well as irrigation cooperatives.

29 June 2011

This means that more and more people from different fields continue to recognise the role of the cooperative model in improving their standard of living. At a governmental level, the cooperative movement has also received more support with a new cooperative policy which was launched during the year. It recognizes cooperatives as part of the private sector and therefore lays a good foundation for a modern cooperative law.

During 2010, the Uganda Cooperative Alliance (UCA) turned its attention to the concept of horizontal integration and its benefits could quickly be seen in the conduct of cooperative business. “This is now contributing to the good reputation and reliability of our cooperatives in the eyes of big buyers. Horizontal and vertical integration will strengthen the whole cooperative system by making it more effective and efficient, and increasing its power both in the market and society as a whole”, says Leonard Msemakweli, UCA’s Secretary General.

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