Worker Cooperatives in Italy and Poland Strengthen Ties

The directors of the Associazione Nazionale delle Cooperative di Servizi e Turismo (Ancst-Legacoop) and the Związek Lustracyjny Spółdzielni Pracy (NAUWC) -organizations which represent the worker cooperative movements of Italy and Poland, respectively- have reaffirmed their mutual interest in developing a greater level of collaboration and cooperation, after a meeting in the city of Krakow in late July, 2005.

18 August 2005

The Italian delegation was made up of Franco Tumino, current President of the Ancst/Legacoop, and Gianluca Pastorelli of the National Training Institute of Legacoop and Vice-president de Diesis, European structure of projects and services. Their visit to Krakow took place July 28 and 29, when they met with various representatives of NAUWC: it’s President, Janusz Paszkowski, Joanna Brzozowska, number two in the organization, Anna Bulka, Director of the Training Department, Kama Bochen, Director of the headquarters in Warsaw (central headquarters of the NAUWC) and Malgorzata Giergielewicz, Assistant to the President.

In this fruitful meeting, representatives of the two organizations reaffirmed their desire to strengthen the opportunities for meeting and exchanges between the worker cooperative movements of both countries, in order to increase their mutual knowledge and identify concrete areas for cooperation and joint efforts.
An initial outcome of these agreements will be the two European projects that Ancst
is undertaking: the first regarding Corporate Social Responsibility, developed together with the Associazione Nazionale Cooperative de Produzione e Lavoro (Ancpl) and the second regarding information, consultation and participation of workers in the European Cooperative Society. Both projects include participation by counterparts from Spain and France.

According to the President of Ancst, his organization is enthusiastic about the possibilities of collaborating with the Polish cooperative movement, “Because we believe that efforts to value worker participation in cooperatives-that we initiated in Legacoop when we constituted the Work Area-should have a European and not just a national profile and context, given the relative weight of our organizations today and above and beyond the current crisis of European institutions. From this point of view, with more than 40 million inhabitants, Poland is destined to have an ever increasing weight in the European Union.”

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